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Care, Health and Nutrition for your Animals!
Celest Pharma Labs Private Limited is involved in manufacturing Herbal animal health care products, veterinary health products, poultry healthcare products, supplement, animal feed supplement that specifically caters to livestock and poultry sector. Owing to it's strong concepts and formulations, Celest Pharma Labs Private Limited has successfully gained an international acclaim and it's products are widely accepted.

Celest has kept a sharp focus on identifying, achieving and maintaining the highest quality, specifically in Research, Development & Production. At Celest, the quality rules all areas related to our products.

We at Celest, are committed to make animal origin medicine more safer for consumption. We come out with logical and feasible solutions regarding the animals in the farming sector that results in both risk reduction and value addition. Our direction of work has always been in the application of physiological principles and natural resources so as to achieve the most appropriate and desirable results in terms of both poultry animal health and performance.

Our Products
We offer a wide range of medicines pharmaceuticals for microbes, manufacturer of animal health products like Animal Health Supplements, Animal Protein Supplements in different quantities to suit different situations.

These pharmaceuticals are helpful in stimulating and protecting lever in various stressful situations, increases nutrient utilization thus results in better livability and profitability. The Actovet range includes Actovet-CRD, Actovet-Hepato, Actovet-Dworm, Actovet-Dnorm, Actovet-Growth and Actovet-Milkplus.

Supports faster growth
Improves fertility and hatchability
Aids better egg production and weight gain
For better adaptibility to stressful conditions
Better egg shell quality
  Treatment of chronic Respiratory disorders
To maintain the liver function
Helps in maintaining better resistance to diseases
Treatment of bacterial infections
Celest Pharma Labs Private Limited
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